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Go braless — without your nipples showing! A sugarshirt™ eliminates bra outline, shoulder grooves and pain, and back fat bulge. It is a beautifully tailored shirt that gives you a lovely shape (without a bra!) and complete freedom.

What is a sugarshirt? 

With sugarshirts, the magic is all on the inside! We sourced the most featherlight fleece, then fused it with a sliver of film to create a brand new textile. It's seamlessly integrated into a demi liner & placed strategically over the breast area.

They're ridiculously soft, cut to flatter all breast shapes, and so easy to care for. 

Why is my sugarshirt worth it?

All sugarshirts are a classic design ensuring years of comfy, stylish wear. They are all rigorously tested for easy, lasting wash and wear before being put into production. The unique sugarshirt bust demi-liner provides the ultimate flattering, comfortable bra free camouflage. The liner floats over your naked body providing a dreamy bra free sensation. Every seam is double sewn for the most comfortable, flattering fit that lasts wash after wash.

Why Sugarshirts?

Before purchasing, you may be wondering:

A percentage of every garment sold is donated to The Caridad Centre, the largest free healthcare provider in Florida.

look good, feel good, do good

We partnered with plastic surgeons for a perfect, flattering coverage for all breast sizes.



Ever since I received my chic oxford shirt, I've been bra-lessly jumping for joy! Can't believe how amazingly comfortable it is. It's transformed my life. Love it!

A few recently liberated women share their thoughts...


Off to work in my new favorite shirt! The best bit is that no one can tell I'm braless. Love this so much! 

A few recently liberated women share their thoughts...


Being large-busted, I was skeptical. But SERIOUSY, this is a miracle! You REALLY do NOT need to wear a bra. Amazing. I live in New Hampshire. Our motto is Live Free or Die. Now I have the perfect shirt for doing just that!

A few recently liberated women share their thoughts...

The ultimate go-to sweatshirt with kangaroo pocket.

classic sweatshirt

Superb tailoring and detail in a flattering shirt designed to be worn bra free.

white oxford


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